Divya Sharma
Software Engineer & Chemist
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Web Designer, Full Stack Developer, &Chemist


Use busineses and negotiation skills to build websites and develop apps to help companies grow. Complex-problem solving, creativity, and people management are fundamental to building a strong & collaborative engineering team.

Software Engineer

This entails building a website with JavaScript, React, and Node. All websites will be responsive so it can easily adapt to any screen size and accessible on any device. Being able to look at problems from a wide variety of perspectives and frameworks is hugely beneficial when characterizing new problem spaces.


My background in science is vital in optimizing my engineering skills. The essence of engineering is the understanding of problems and the design and implementation of solutions.


Take a look at some of my work!

To-Do List

Welcome the task that makes you go beyond yourself

Slot Machine

What is life if not a gamble?

Drum Kit

March to the beat of your drum...

Russian Roulette

It sounds like a little bit of Russian Roulette

Reaction Board

I told a chemistry joke once... there was no reaction

Noun Dictionary

Look up any noun & get the definition and photo


I am available for freelance.

I can't wait for the next exciting project!

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